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Teaching your dog sit, down, come, stay and heel at a facility away from your home simply is not enough for your dog to learn what it is that you really want it to know and do. Like how to behave polite, well mannered and friendly inside your house around guests, around family, and community.

​This is where training is important because it is where you share your relationship with your dog. Whether out on a walk with your dog, or in the comfort of your home

​Family Dog Training stops poor behaviors and establishes willful cooperation with pets that is obedient, well mannered and upbeat. And as we train your dog we teach you right along the way so that no further help is really needed in the future, however we are always just a phone call away to always help you. 




​$50 for the first visit includes an Evaluation and a Training Schedule.

​​$35/hour one pet  $45/hr for multiple pets.

 ​Training begins with teaching you why your dog is behaving in the ways of your concern. From there I begin applying natural methods in training of which dogs  recognize and understand. The methods I introduce are calm, non-abusive, positive yet firm. 

Once your pet begins obeying I then begin teaching you to take over. 

Patience, consistency, confidence, and an upbeat energy level in training brings success in every goal I reach towards excellent behavior at home and in the community.


Family Dog Training consists of bringing lifetime successful results in cooperative behavior with your pet in all situations at home and in your community. It is also an Educating Program which teaches you about your dogs behavior and livelihood.

Building a working relationship with your dog through training establishes a new bond. You become a very effective Leader to your dog and in return you get willful cooperation, obedience, and a lifetime of love and excellent behavior.      

​​​​​The absolute best place for your dog to begin learning is right at home you live with it, and in your community. This is really where you spend the most time with your pet..


​Michael Ott

​Family Dog Trainer


​​​Owning a dog can be as simple as simple as receiving one from a friend or going out to a Kennel, or a Pet Store and buying one. However, knowing how to keep that dog calm, obedient, and safe is not always quite as simple. 


​​​            ​Family Dog Training.