​Family Dog Training Teaches People :

How dogs think, behave, and communicate.

How to be a dogs pack leader for family living.

Dog health and maintenance.

Breed information.

​How to establish rules and boundaries.

How our behavior affects a dogs behavior.

​Verbal cues, tones and commands.

How to give dogs job responsibilities as a worthy member of the family.



​What is Family Dog Training

​​Dogs are pack animals and as pack animals they are born with instincts to live and survive together as a team just like a pack of wolves. Dogs and wolves also have the same DNA, skeletal structure and social understanding. They also behave much like a military unit where there is one leader and subordinates to follow.

​Family Dog Training uses this trait that dogs are born with and behave by and invites the dog into OUR Family Pack as a subordinate member with a Human Leader. And since dogs recognize this they follow in our training methods and demonstrations allowing us to handle all affairs and to be in charge of everything. 

​Understanding how our society works and how we live is too complicating for a dog. And teaching a dog away from where it lives with you does not work near as well as teaching a dog at home directly where its greatest concerns are.

​Family Dog Training Teaches Dogs :

​To be calm when we answer the door.

To be polite as we receive guests.

Who goes in and out of doors first.

Separation Anxiety.

​Non aggressive behavior.

​Socialization skills.

To go for a walk ...... politely and patiently.

​To not beg for food or stare down when we eat.

​To give us space.

To stay off furniture and beds.

How to play, . . when, and where.

​Where to eliminate, where to sleep, and eat.

​How to be a member of our family.

​And much more............